Can Guinea Pigs Eat Peas? Is Peas Bad For Cavies?

Guinea pigs are adorable rodents, but because of their small sensitive tummies, not like other animals, it is important to pay attention to what you give them.

I ensure you that my guinea pigs have a diet rich in greens, such as vegetables including peas. However, is feeding peas to your guinea pig truly a good idea? Let’s find out :

Can guinea pigs eat peas?

The answer is a short and simple yes. Fresh veggies should constitute the majority of your guinea’s diet since they are unable to produce Vitamin C or other nutrients on their own.

These nutrients are crucial to the health of your guinea pigs because they will help prevent diseases from forming. However, adding this green pea to your guinea’s foodstuffs is completely fine; just make sure that they do not rely on just that.

Your cavies need a foodstuff that is rich in multivitamins K, D, and C (this a cheap Vitamin C item on Amazon that you can use), along with other nutrients and minerals. So, it is always advisable to ensure that you provide your pigs with a variety of different subsistence.

These should include pellets, hay, grass, corn, spinach, and celery, to name a few.

If you introduce a new item to their nutriment, make sure to keep an eye for any strange behavior that your guinea pigs exhibit.

Lets my friend guinea pig eat sugar snap pea, and if you want a cavy like this one  just contact me

Are frozen peas safe for guinea pigs?

No. You should never feed frozen peas or vegetables to your cavies or canned items either. Many people tend to give frozen legume that has been warmed up, but it is always a better option to feed your guinea pigs some newly harvested items that are thoroughly washed beforehand.

Frozen beans can actually cause harm to your pet, as they are too hard to chew even after they have been thawed.

Additionally, avoid giving your guinea pigs canned or cooked snap peas as well. They are herbivores and do not need their nourishment cooked for them.

The best way to provide them is to give them raw, fresh legumes.

Opt for snow peas with their pods

Even though there is nothing wrong with treating your rabbits with some split peas every now and then, you should make sure that you feed them the entire pod instead of just the snap peas.

Also, guinea pigs love crunchy, lettuce, fruits, parsley, carrot, bananas, beans to chew on and will absolutely admire you for offering them some delicious garden pea. However, you should always make sure that you wash the veggie properly beforehand.

can guinea pigs eat peas

Another thing you should keep an eye out is the number of strings coming out of the sugar snap pea pods before you offer it to your guinea pig or (rabbit if you have one).

These strings could become choking hazards for your guinea, so always make sure that you clean the pods properly before feeding them to your pet. Guineas continue to graze on grass and hay all day so do not expect your furry friend to be finished right away ;-)!

Overall, provide little green peas to your guinea pig is safe for consumption and healthy as long as they are cleaned prior to being fed.

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