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What an amazing planet! There are over 8.7 million species of animals on this pale blue dot in space that we call earth. The Big Zoo celebrates them in all their diversity, quirks, and surprising characteristics. Just like earth itself, the animal kingdom is ever-changing and fascinating. Come on! Let’s go on a journey to appreciate and become better stewards of the extraordinary biodiversity

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An in-depth look at several various species of animals from all across the globe. Learn about their habitat, food, and lifestyle.

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We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of (almost) every known animal that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

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Read our reviews of the top-rated zoos. See the coolest and rarest animals on the planet for a life changing experience!


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With decades of experience in the fields of biology and zoology, Lydia King’s knowledge and love for animals is boundless and has been the focus of her life’s work. A writer, a researcher, and an enthusiast for all things animals, Lydia has taken her dedication from the lab to the field to the classroom, always with an infectious enthusiasm for her subjects. From the latest studies and investigations to the latest pop songs and movies, Lydia writes and lectures about every aspect of the animal kingdom.

Growing up in northern New Mexico, Lydia had woods, streams, and lakes to explore. It was here that her passion was born and nurtured by her river guide father and high school teacher mom. As a teen, Lydia volunteered at a vet clinic and a wild animal rescue where issues of human encroachment and the pressure it places on animal populations became an important theme throughout her life. Lydia has worked with a number of conservation groups and governments to create migration corridors and to help develop policies to allow animals and humans to peacefully coexist. In fact, her master’s thesis dealt specifically with the re-introduction of wolves and their impact on cattle ranching in the upper western United States.