African Lion

African Lion laying on its rock

Scientific Name Panthera leo krugeriAlso called: Transvaal lion Description The lion is known as “The King of the Jungle” and …

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A Babirusa hunting for food

Scientific Name BabyrousaAlso referred to as: Deer-Pig Description Also known as “deer-pig”, the Babirusa is a pig-like creature in the …

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Pteranodon recreation mockup flying through the jungle

Scientific Name Pteranodon longiceps Description Pronounced “Te-RAN-uh-DON” which means “winged and toothless”, the pteranodon is a prehistoric animal that was …

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Four meerkats keeping watch out for predators

Scientific Name Suricata suricatta Description Also known as suricate, the Meerkat is a relative of the mongoose family that is …

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