Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Me? Training Tips For Beginners To Stop That

Guinea pig is one of the cutest animals you would have as your pet. This animal is very humble and friendly in behavior. Normally, this beautiful animal does not bite, however, sometimes it does.

Today I will answer to Shawna Hofmann’s question: Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Me?

Our Pigs may bite us due to several reasons. One of the most common reasons is that your guinea pigs are not comfortable. This discomfort-ability may occur either due to a noisy environment or some fear.

Your pigs will not bite you if they come out of such a noisy environment or its fear is removed.

If your guinea pigs are of a similar nature, then you may need to know some more about this. To learn more, keep reading.

Do guinea pigs bite hard?

Do you have a guinea pig and you are fearful that it will bite you? then I have some good news for you. They do not bite very hard. However, if it happens that your pet has bitten then you need not worry about the severity of such bite.

You may feel that it is a gentle peck sort of bite. In most the instances, you may feel no pain at all. However, sometimes its bite gives a mild pain. But be sure its bite is not of the kind that will make you cry.

Are guinea pig bites dangerous?

If you have a guinea pig as your pet animal like me, then there are chances that it may bite you, but you need not worry about its bite.

A guinea pig bite is harmless and it is in no way a sign of danger for you. It does not lead to a situation of worry. The only thing you have to do is to address the issue which causes such kind of behavior.

You will need to be aware of the reasons why your pet animals have started biting. You also need to find a viable solution to stop the animals from showing sort of such behavior.

Can you get rabies from a guinea pig bite?

It is highly unlikely that you will get rabies after your guinea pig’s bite. Rabies is a virus which is spread by keeping in touch of one rabid animal with another healthier one.

Your rodent pet may get rabies if it comes in touch with some other rabies-infected animal. But such chances are very low, as your pet lives in an indoor environment where it has very low chances to come in contact with a rabid animal.

Whenever a guinea pig bites you, then wait for the next ten days. If the Pet is still alive by the end of 10 days, then it is absolutely free of such virus and you need not worry about rabies.

What to do after a guinea pig bite?

As we have discussed that biting of guinea pig’s is very smooth and normally it does not harm the affected person. But if you have ruled out that some health issues have arisen that are the basic cause of a guinea pig’s biting, then you need to take some corrective measures so that the conditions may be stopped from getting worse.

If the bite has caused bleeding, then you must address this situation with the utmost care. You may consider washing the affected area with soap and let it dry. Once it gets dried out, then you must put a topical antibiotic on the wound.

How to stop a guinea pig’s potential biting behavior?

Though most of the time guinea pig’s bite is not a sign of danger, you must take some steps immediately to stop such kind of hostile behavior.

As we have aforementioned that there may be several reasons, that your pet animal starts biting you. However, you must take corrective actions while keeping in mind the factors of fear, pain, and noisy environment, etc.

As we said, that fear may induce your guinea pig to opt to hostile behavior. In addition to this, the environment where your pet is living also needs to be checked if any corrective measure is required or not, you can read also “How to take care of your guinea pig and be the perfect parent to him” post that I wrote, it will help you.

How to win over your guinea pig?

It is well said that care is better than a cure. Once your guinea pig bites you and then you wonder to find the treatment, it is better that you learn how to adapt to those strategies that would make your pet animal a better friend.

Below are some of the guidelines which can help you win over your guinea pig from the very first day you bring it to your home.

  • The very first thing your guinea pig would like to do is to explore its space when it comes to your home. Let it relaxed and know about the new environment.
  • Gradually start working and playing with your pet animal using some toys (These are 10 pack wooden toys that you can check on Amazon). Try to avoid doing things that spoil your pet’s mood. It needs some time to understand you and the new environment.
  • If you have brought your pet into a home where children are also the members of the family, then you must teach your kids how to deal with the new guest. The kids must know how to hold the pet because sometimes guinea pig feels uncomfortable when it is held in hands by the kids.
  • Learn to know about your guinea pig’s personality. For example, avoid bothering your guineas when it is napping.
  • Your guinea pig may be making some mistakes and may show a notorious kind of behavior in the initial days. You must learn to bear suck behavior. Instead, you need to cope with it in a way that does not lead to the development of a negative relationship. Like humans, pet animals also understand better the language of love and sympathy. So, you need to be as sympathetic and loving as possible so that your animal is not offensive towards you and obey you as much as you expect of it.

I hope that you find my article helpful. If you have any question leave it in the comments section below.

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